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A day in the life of…

Have you ever heard of the “Perils of Pauline”? Well, I personally think my story should be titled “A day in the life of…” Let me explain why with an example of this morning.

My alarm did not go off; thus, I did not wake up until about 8:30 am. I needed to start my day and tried to move. Wherein, I promptly decided I would go back to sleep before attempting such an effort as rolling over. However, nature was calling, so I did get up and apply some pain patches.

By the time I was able to get into my wheelchair it was about 8:45am. I said a short prayer and by the time I did my “bathroom” routine it was after 10:00 am. Now you might ask yourself, what in the world takes her so long?

My bathroom routine not only consists of nature relief, washing up, and brushing my teeth, but getting dressed, gathering the trash, cleaning the toilet, sink, washing the lower part of the mirror on good days, (I did not do that this morning) and gathering my laundry. By the time that was done, I needed to add a few pain patches so I could continue my day. Bless my new neighbor’s hearts. So many times they have called for a “safety check” when they hear me. Now, I turn on my fan so it muffles my moans and groans as I move around. The police have finally stopped coming unless I call them. It only took them 10 years to learn.

I love the “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com.

Bless Christine’s heart. She gave those of us who have chronic illnesses a way to share how difficult our days are. If you have not read it, I recommend you do. It can help you to help and understand others with health issues without thinking we are just lazy, since we rarely do what what “normal” people do. By the way, in my opinion, “normal” is a setting on your washing machine. Everyone has their own issues. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, back to my morning.

After the pain patches kicked in, I went out into the kitchen and prepared some oatmeal. While it was in the microwave, I turned into the living room to turn on my music (Today was the Messiah. I just love Christmas music, don’t you?). It was nice to be able to eat a real breakfast. Yesterday was so bad I had to have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch. I never know from day to day what I am able to do or not do.

These tasks required using my arms, and since my shoulders don’t work without a lot of pain today, it took awhile. What used to be so simple, now has time constraints which can put me to bed for a few hours or at times even days. But this morning it was not bad enough to send me back to bed.

While in the kitchen, I saw that my apples were all bad, so had to toss  them and decided since they would make the trash heavy, (I just hate asking others to lift heavy trash and since my complex’s maintenance crew had shoveled the sidewalks. . . )  I just put the trash bag on the foot rest of my chair and took it out myself. As I have not been outside in a few weeks, I did not think this would be a problem. I sometimes forget I can’t do what I used do every day.

Once again, my pride got the better of me, and outside I went. I only got stuck a few times as I made my way to the trash area, which was still too slick and snowy to get into, thus, the trash is now sitting in the doorway of the trash area for someone else to lift and put into the trash bin. You see, I had also forgotten that I can’t lift anything today, let alone lift it over my head. DUH! I cannot even blame old age for this. After all, it’s not as if I were 91 or something. (71 is not old, is it?)

Getting stuck outside in a power wheelchair with bald tires, no cellphone to call for help (and might I add – no one local who is strong enough to help even if I had one) is only a problem when you have as much pride as I do. But the good thing about it (“pride” -if there is anything good about such a bad thing) is that my battery is fully charged and thus I was able to rock back and forth hard enough to get unstuck. Isn’t that great? Then, we began to have a mild snowfall, and I’m thinking “I have plastic in the  chair to cover the controls, but I can’t use my arms to reach it.”  Good news: I was able to get back inside safely and it only took a short period of time to clean up the water from the chair wheels. Thank God and friends for paper towels and a mop thingie.

Anyway, it is now 11:51 am, I have had breakfast and am almost ready to go back to bed. I have used up most of my spoons for the day, and bed is a rough option, but better than being in too much pain to enjoy my company this afternoon.I think I’ll fix a diet root-beer and get back in bed now, taking the towels out of the dryer can wait until my friend gets here this afternoon. Someday I’ll share about just getting into bed.  Here, I must thank God for friends who gave me a pillow that allows me to sit up.

Normally, in the mornings, I do some research for my ancestors, however due to overdoing this morning, I will be working on a drawing I had planned on doing before Christmas. At least the people who will receive it know it will be late. Have a happy New Year.


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