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Ourselves and Our Enemies by Eliza R Snow

“To be able to do Father’s will is what I wish to live for,” Eliza Roxy Snow once said. But she didn’t wish such a life only for herself. She wanted every woman to recognize her significance in the Lord’s eyes and act upon it. I too desire this for every woman. To those whom I respect that asked me to share: One of her lesser known poems.

Ourselves and our enemies.

We’ll beat our foes at every game,
If every game we play;
No juggling part we act or claim
We’ll fairly win the day.
We’ve sought no trial of our skill
The games, we never set
We never made a move until
They forced the movement, yet.

Those who salvations’ truth believe,
But love to disobey-
Who have eternal light received,
And from its precepts stray;
Now cherish wickedness: their hearts
Are fountains of deceit:
Apostate “Mormons,” in foul parts,
The world’s low gamesters, beat.

Of all the Apostle Paul endured,
His perils were the worst,
When with apostate saints of God,
“False brethren”, he was cursed:
The gospel, like the fisher’s net,
Cast in the open sea,
Both good and bad, at every set,
Draws up promiscuously.

Then marvel not, ye demagogues,
Who’re making much ado,
If you by searching, here, should find
Some even worse than you:
Extremes in human life, most sweet,
To form a mental test;
To make gradation’s scale complete,
We’ve here the worse and best.

We’ve women whose intelligence –
Whose loveliness and grace
And virtues cannot be surpassed
In all earth’s present race:
With honest frankliness we confess,
We have their contrast too,
But thanks to God and righteousness,
The number is but few.

And we have men by God inspired,
And clothed with power to bless –
Their hearts with noble purpose fired –
Their works are righteousness:
They teach the principles of peace,
Life, faith and purity;
By which the pure in heart increase
In truth and liberty.

High toned in spirit-in their lives
They’re far above reproach –
They’re just, and who should justice fear,
But those who wish t’encroach?

All men stand label’d by themselves –
The actions prove the heart-
The wicked deal in wickedness-
The righteous, good impart.

Though storm-clouds gather overhead,
And sharks the crew assail –
Though obstacles so thickly spread
That coward hearts will fail;
Come wind or calm, tis all the same-
No matter what betide,
We, fearless, know the Great I AM
Has pledg’d the ship to guide.

He need no sails for Zion’s ship;
Our foes may pause and wonder –
They move us on at every clip,
And row their own craft under.
They’re tools in God Almighty’s hand,
To drive His work apace –
To clear the ship from every strand;
Their wrath shall work His praise.

Of our own strength we do not boast –
Jehovah is our trust;
The Saints are His –His wisdom rules –
His arm protects the just.
Truth, peace and equity will claim
The prize of latter-day;
We’ll beat the world at every game,
If every game we play.

From her book: Poems: Religious, Historical, and Political, Vol II 1877, pg 92-96


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