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Aren’t you tired of people telling you SORRY?

Aren’t you tired of people telling you SORRY?.

I love what this good man is saying. I too found that when I reached out to God, He helped me turn around. WE really do need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and “gird up your loins” so to speak.

A very wise prophet, who is known as an Apostle of Jesus Christ once said:

Let me give you three rules of managing the debts of gratitude you have accumulated ….
First, wherever you may labor in life, give more than you take.
Second, whoever is around you in life, find someone to help.
And, third, ask God to multiply the power of your efforts to give and to help. …He will help you to give and to serve others, even when it seems nearly impossible. Then, you can rest assured that you have done your best to manage your debts of gratitude. But, of course, your debts will only grow, since God always blesses bountifully His grateful servants.

Henry B Eyring, 27 April 2002, Brigham Young University – Idaho Commencement

Hugs from a distance.


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