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The pendulum

When I was young (1940-1958) children belonged to their parents to do with as they deemed fit. For some, that meant to rule with the iron rod. For some, who knew that the rod was the Word of God, that was a good thing, however, for others, that mean to abuse their children and get away with it.  Now, in my humble opinion, the pendulum has swung too far the other direction.

When my aunt was ill (1977) and doing poorly, I went to visit her. One of her grandsons was playing with her oxygen tank. I cautioned him not to do that. Then my aunt turned to him and gave him “the look” , he cursed at her, grabbed her tube and then ran out the door. I ran after him while her husband replaced her tube. When I caught him, I told him to go apologize to his grandmother. He invited me to go do something to myself. Then he said, “If you touch me, I’ll call the cops and they’ll put you in jail.” I turned him around and said, “If you don’t apologize to your grandmother they will have a good reason to do that!”

He went into the house and hugged his grandma and told her he was sorry. I was shocked to see how he was behaving. However, now, it is even worse than it was back then. I have listened as small children curse worse than any sailor at sea, with mothers and fathers abusing their little ones without shame, and even abortion clinics on hallowed ground (or at least what should have been hallowed ground). I have seen fathers who molest their children and then try to say it was the babies fault. I have seen men be murdered and then tossed into dumpsters as though that person was just so much trash. I have even seen sacred garments worn on the outside of street clothing. Mocking and making fun of sacred things is not a good idea in my book. And this goes for all religions, not just my own.

To all those who love children or you who love your parents, please, do not just walk by when you see evil face to face. Don’t allow other people to cause the good God of Heaven to destroy this wonderful planet. You know as well as I that eventually, His patience will run out. Remember Noah? Remember what happened to those who were mocking and making fun? They were eating and dancing and doing all sorts of vile things, just as they are doing now.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Remember what happened to those who were mocking and making fun? They too were eating and dancing and making mock and doing all sorts of vile things, just as they are doing now.

I beg of you to step up and be counted by reaching out a helping hand to our world’s children. To those of you who are doing that, May God bless you and your loved ones for all you are doing. For those who are sitting on the couch watching television or playing video games to blank out what is really going on out there, I shall pray for your soul to not have to spend too much time in hell.


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