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Learning Truth

One of the things I love about the Lord is that He quoted from the Old Testament. His mother taught Him well.

He came from the Heavens above. He was the only begotten Son of the Most High God, yet He was willing to come to this earth, just as we do. As a tiny baby. He had to learn how to crawl, then stand, then walk, and then learn, just as we do. He laughed, he cried, he studied, he prayed, just as we do.

One of my favorite prophets in the Old Testament is Isaiah. I adore this man. Bless his heart. Now, I’m sure at this point you are saying, “She must be nuts! That is the hardest book in the entire Bible to read.” Which makes me chuckle, since I have heard that from so many people in my life. I believe the problem could be that Isaiah does not pull any punches. He says it like it is. Which is why I like him.

Did you see the picture I put with this post? It is an interpretation of the vision that the prophet Lehi saw in a dream. That bright shining tree is the Love of God. Many people are coming towards the Love of God right now, just as they did back in that time. Isn’t that wonderful? I think it is.

See that building on the right? He called it, “The great and spacious building”, where people were mocking and making fun of those who were trying to get to God.” That is pretty much what is happening in the world today, isn’t it?

The good news is, Jesus Christ is real. He is alive. He is wanting to help us, so we can get to that Love of God. In the scriptures it says, “His hand is stretched out still.” But in order to know this for yourself, you must do some things.

1) You need to have faith that Jesus Christ is real. That He is the son of the Most High God. You need to understand that God created the heavens and the earth. The ocean, the birds, bees, flowers, trees, plants, insects, my goodness, everything you see that can breathe or has movement on it’s own; everything is a gift to you from God. Man made objects can not do that. They can not breathe as a plant can. They can not give you flowers, no matter how hybrid they make things. Sure, batteries can make them move or whatever, but everything from God is alive. Just like you are alive.

2) You need to have hope that things can change. You need to know that when you make a mistake, you can be forgiven. God has given us His son to show us how to be forgiven. He loves you that much that He was willing to allow Jesus Christ to come to this earth; to be tortured, spit upon, mocked, ridiculed, and even to suffer and die for you and me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would want my son to be treated this way, would you? Yet, God did that for you and me. There is no sin, no habit, no addiction, no rebellion, no transgression, no apostasy, no crime exempted from the promise of complete forgiveness. That is the promise of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to you and me.

3) You need to learn what God’s laws are so you can be obedient and prove to Him that you want to accept His son’s great sacrifice for you and me. Obedience is really the first law of heaven. I am not asking you to follow blindly. Oh No! God gave us all this gift called “Agency” and it did not come free. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father paid a very high price so we could have this gift. Don’t let others convince you otherwise. We will all be held accountable for what we do while we are alive  upon this earth.

Now, you may be thinking: each church has different laws and stuff. They all say they are the only true church. Which one really teaches truth? My answer to you: Ask God and He can teach you truth. He will send you who really want to know, those who can teach you. If you own a Holy Bible, are you reading it? Dust it off and begin at the Beginning. OH my gosh, guess what? It says that God created the heavens and the earth. It was not some big bang thing. Nothing great was created suddenly. The big bang is like saying, “To create an dictionary you need to blow up the library”. Hello? What kind of nonsense is that?

I invite you to turn to the New Testament and read what Jesus Christ and the Apostles say about how you need to live, and then look at those in all the churches and see if they are living like Jesus Christ said a follower should live. Don’t forget to pray about everything. Your food, your water, your home, your families, your neighborhoods, and even those who you don’t know. Pray literally over everything. God will hear you. He loves hearing from you and me and all of us.

Don’t know how to pray? You might not believe this, but He really is your Heavenly Father. He loves you more than any human alive could ever love you. He really cares about each and every one of us. My goodness, He knows how many hairs are on your head. Isn’t that something? I mean, some men shave every day, and some women do as well. Yet, if you cut yourself, He knows it hurts and he cares. He designed our bodies to heal themselves. How often have you scrapped your knee or had black and blue marks. They go away, right? That’s because the human body is a gift from God. Think about it, and then do something.

Hugs from a distance.


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