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One Great Family

I know that we are all God’s family, and while I am not related to President Hinckley by blood, I would like to share some things about him with you.

One day, while in the chapel at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, I was sitting next to his wife. At that time, I did not know she was his wife. The building was newly renovated from the old Hotel Utah, and he was a guest speaker. While sitting there, I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I just love that man.” She smiled and said, “I do too.” Then she squeezed my hand.

After the service ended, he came down to where we were sitting and extended his hand toward her. She stood and winked at me, then went around me to join him as they left.

One of the things he said was “We speak of the fellowship of the Saints. This is and must be a very real thing. We must never permit this spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood to weaken. We must constantly cultivate it. Simply put, we must be friends. We must love and honor and respect and assist one another.”  He did not just speak those words, he really meant it.

His sweet wife, Marjorie Pay Hinckley once said, “Who knows but that something wonderful may happen today. Have faith that it will. After all, every morning is a chance at a new day!” She was such a kind person. I used to put her words on my wall so I could smile every morning.

The prophets of God live it. Many of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints live it. Many people of all faiths live it. I have brothers and sisters who are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, and from many other faiths who all call God by many names. My brothers and sisters live around the globe. I have loved ones who live in India where many people do not know God at all. I know those who do know Him, love Him. They don’t say it much, but they live it.

Those who know me, know I strive to live it. I pray you do too. I hope you have a loving family and good friends. I send you all hugs from a distance, my beloved brothers and sisters.


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