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I love this definition on what a Camp is:

Camp is an outdoor experience for young women ages 12 to 18. It gives young women opportunities to:

Feel the influence of the Spirit.
Serve others.
Build friendships and unity.
Learn skills.
Appreciate God’s creations.
Have fun!

When I was in the orphanage I was blessed to have these experiences. Back then, I had been baptized into the Lutheran Church however, I had only been in a church a few times. I had never seen the goodness that being a Christian was until Hollygrove Home for Children. When people do not live by the principles of their faith, it is hard for others, especially children, to know what to believe.

While living at Hollygrove, I was invited to attend the Girl Scout Camp, even though I was not officially of the right age. Up on that mountain, I did feel the influence of the Holy Spirit. I learned how to work in leather, and over the years since, I have been able to teach others how to do the same. I had a few friends while there, and back in Hollygrove. When I looked down from the top of the mountain, I stood in awe at the works that God had given me. I also had fun.

Such good memories. I wish all young people could attend one of these types of retreats from the world. It is so needed, now more than ever.


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