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My Introduction to God

As a young child, I was living in the back yard of my father’s home. My mother had died when I was younger and my father fell apart and entrusted my sister and I to an older woman who did not like children. We were forbidden to speak, and when things were at their worse, I was forced to live outside.

The good part of that was that there was no smog back then. One could see the sky at night, as there were no street lamps. While there were fences around the property, the animals came and went at will. They became my nursing mothers and protectors. I survived on the fruit from the trees that fell to the earth, and the wild berries and other things that the animals and my sister brought to me. The birds, butterflies, bees, and other critters of the earth became my playmates. The soft pedals of a clover type of grass became my bed with animals to keep me warm at night.

One day, my sister found an old black book that had belonged to our mother hidden in a box behind a trailer in the back yard. She hid it in the stone seat under the grape arbor and from time to time she would sneak out and read things from it’s pages. I later learned it was a Holy Bible. She read to me first from the story of Daniel 3:10-28.

After she read, she had to go back to her chores, and I remember wishing I had a father like Shadrach, Meshach and Aded-nego. When He sent His Son to protect them, His power was greater than the fire in the furnace, and they were protected. I remember that night, as I looked up into the sky, I thought about my mother and how she was up there somewhere with the angels. The night mother died, a nurse came out to the steps where my sister and I were sitting and told us that was were our mother had gone. I so wished she had taken me with her.

I used to watch the stars after the sun went down, as they moved in the heavens. At first, I thought that the sky was just a big old blanket full of moth holes, so heaven could shine through. Then, when the moon came out, sometimes, it looked as though God had a hole in his pocket and shiny coin was slipping out. Sometimes, I could see a face in the Moon and I thought perhaps it was God watching over me.

When the police rescued us, I believed my sister was dead. My vision of her that day was a bloody blanket over her body, and my lasting memory was her getting hit time and again in the head by the woman who was suppose to be our mother.

I had to spend many long months in the hospital to become a human child. However, back then, I had no sense of time. I had never known time. But I knew that God was in His heaven and my mother was up there with him, so I felt safe. I never did feel safe with humans. Children can only go by what they experience. For many children around the world, life is very much as I experienced. Most people find it hard to think that in America a child would have lived this way. But some have and still do.


5 thoughts on “My Introduction to God

    • The good thing is, when we are given real, clean love, we can heal. It took me many years to see how a family is really suppose to be. When it is done right, everyone benefits. Thank you for caring and agreeing. That means a lot to me.

    • I do hope your friend learned how to forgive. While it is not easy it can heal. I have been blessed to use what I went through to help many others in the same situations. I can only do that one at a time, because the trauma and shame we feel can only be healed with the Love of the Lord, and He is the final judge. Thank you so much for caring. I don’t share this with very many people, at least not in the past.

      I hope your friend knows how special you are. Thank you for being you. Thank you also for the hugs. I send you butterfly kisses on your cheek.

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