Good Morning

To start the day I’m going to share some advice my physical therapist gave me. This is not only good for people like me, it is also good for anyone who can not move around much during the day or evening. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

This morning, in my mailbox, I received my copy from EverydayHealth. I do love these reminders each day. I recommend them highly. I also have an account with the Mayo Clinic, as I trust their advice.

1. Wall posture check.

Stand with your back to the wall. Make sure your head touches the wall. Your chin should be horizontal and parallel to the floor, drawn back slightly and centered. Make sure your head is sitting squarely over your shoulders.

2. Chin tucks.

This stretch can be done while you’re in bed, or it can be done on the floor or even from a wheelchair. Roll up a small towel and place it at the base of your skull. Move your chin straight back without moving your head forward.

3. Shoulder rolls.

Roll your shoulders in a circular, backward motion. “Really exaggerate the roll. Bring your shoulder blades from the top, to the middle, to the base.”

4. Arm raises.

Raise your arms way up above your head. Your upper arms should be against your ears, with your hands to the ceiling. If this move is too difficult, try a modified approach. Turn and face the wall. Place your palms on the wall and do a wall slide, which consists of moving your hands up along the wall until they are above your head.

5. Shoulder stretches.

In a standing position or sitting as tall as you can, try to clasp your hands behind your back. As you do this, be sure to keep your back straight. It may be helpful to perform this stretch in front of a mirror to check that you’re doing it correctly.

The next two are only for those who can stand. If you are even a bit wobbly, be sure to have someone with you. 

6. Modified lunge.

This stretch can help maintain flexibility of the hip flexors. Stand with your palms against the wall. Place one foot behind you, similar to a standard lunge, and lean forward. Repeat with the opposite leg.

7. Calf stretch.

Stand with your palms against the wall. Place one foot behind you, and press the heel of that foot down to the floor. Repeat with the opposite leg.

When to Stretch (and How Often)
Performing these stretches in the morning is a good way to start your day. “Free up your range of motion as well as any tissues that have tightened and are causing stiffness,” says the Spondylitis Association of America. “Stiffness is a sign that you are doing something that should be counteracted. It tells your body to move. You must move in a way that is productive for you.” But stretching once a day isn’t enough to help. “Postural breaks are important. It’s a good idea to take breaks throughout your day to perform these stretches.”

I hope you have a great day. Hugs from a distance


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