Social Media Envy!

I love your pictures of faith and trust in God. Thank you for sharing the Love of Jesus Christ to others in your community.

GODINTEREST - Christian digital media website exploring faith, culture and life

Anyone currently active on social media knows that Godinterest is slowly developing into an incredible phenomena. Idea sharing and photo sharing combined in the ultimate setting of graphic after graphic, interests and likes can be decided and shared in two clicks or less. There hasn’t been a day before now where the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is more true.
Can we just tell you that there are a ton of posts on Godinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social media that fall under the categories listed above?   And that is why people love it! But we do need to check ourselves from time to time as there is a danger that we just might be forming the wrong thought pattern about certain things, thereby transforming them into sin.
Instead of playing the comparing game on social media, what if we stick to the guideline of God’s Word? Let’s seek recipes, means…

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