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Chronic Illness

Many years ago I learned that I have several illnesses that are beyond my control. I also learned that I am very allergic to so many types of drugs, that I would rather live without them. I feel very strongly about other’s experimenting on me. I grew up where that type of thing caused great shame, and as an adult, I no longer tolerate it.

I feel very strongly that God loves all of His children, of which I am one. Before I knew that, I allowed others to convince me that I was crazy to believed there was a God who spoke to humans. I want you to know up front, I know God does that. Now, just as He did back in the early days, as shown in the Holy Bible.

Now that I have that off my chest, I hope you also know that just because I tend to fall down a lot did not mean I was drunk. I do not drink. Yes, I did, when I was young, however, I gave that up, as I am allergic to alcohol.

Just because I can’t take the heat does not make me a wimp. It is part of my illness. Just because I can’t talk like others, does not mean I am retarded. I hate that word “retarded”. I have been told that all my life, since I am so different than my family.

Just because I did not know how to use utensils did not mean I was stupid. It was because animals taught me how to survive before humans did.

I know that even though I am different, I am still a person with feelings. I care very deeply about what others think of me, but I want you to know that I care more about what God thinks of me than I do what humans think about me.

I know now that there are millions of people just like me and that gives me joy. Not to say I enjoy that they suffer, but rather that now I have others I can talk to that understand where I am coming from.

I hope you have a good day. Here, we have a beautiful day of Snow. I love looking out my window and seeing my little green tree with that soft white snow upon it’s leaves. I love seeing the mountains with that cloud over them. I feel as though I am being touched by God. After all, this is one of His creations and gifts to earth. I for one, am grateful for it.


One thought on “Chronic Illness

  1. I, too, hate the word “retarded.” It is becoming popular in culture to replace retarded with “Autistic” – which makes me sad that people put such negative connotations to being a person with Autism. I digress…

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